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About Us


Our founders, met because of 1 problem: dry and sensitive skin issues. Having lived abroad, our founders found it easy to get natural personal care products that were gentle on their sensitive skin and would not trigger an eczema flare up. However, upon returning to Indonesia, they both realized that many personal care brands available in Indonesia, even those marketed as natural and safe for sensitive skin, actually still use chemicals that are harmful to the skin.


Noticing the need and opportunity to help people with sensitive skin like themselves, the two partnered to start Cahaya Naturals with a mission to create a range of truly clean, gentle, and Science-based natural care solutions for sensitive skin. 

In addition, inspired by the lush botanical riches of Indonesia, Cahaya Naturals also aims to introduce the wonders of Indonesia’s local botanical ingredients to the world.




In Cahaya, we believe that knowledge is power. Managing sensitive skin conditions begins with understanding yourself and being mindful of what you consume and apply to your bodies. Therefore, we encourage you to educate yourselves about your skin conditions and the ingredients that you put on your bodies. While this may be a daunting task, relax, we are here to help you.



“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein



Healthy & thoughtful living starts now. Let’s begin.

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