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What is Stunting?

Stunting is a condition that arises from prolonged under-nutrition, and it affects physical and brain development. It manifests as shortness in height for a child’s age and hampered brain development.

Why should you be concerned?

1 in 3 of Indonesia’s children under the age of five years old are stunted!

Stunted children on average perform worse at school than their non-stunted counterparts, are more likely to be unemployed as adults, and are at higher risk of getting diseases like diabetes and hypertension. They are vulnerable to being trapped in an inter- generational cycle of poverty.

Stunting robs Indonesian children of their full potential. This is unjust as stunting is completely preventable.

Who is 1000 Days Fund?

1000 Days Fund seeks to mobilize Indonesia toward a national commitment to Zero Stunting by 2030.

The first 1000 days of life are a key time for development and growth.

Mothers and babies need good nutritious food, high quality healthcare and a clean & health environment to flourish.

This Christmas, share with your loved ones and those in need.
Cahaya Naturals, in collaboration with Hand-in-Hand Foundation and 1000DaysFund, in 15% of your every purchase of Cahaya Christmas Hampers will be donated to 1000 Days Fund to help mothers in East Nusa Tenggara prevent stunting in their children.




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