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So lately I’m looking for a new hand & body lotion option for my daily need. I’m not bored with my old usual ones I’m just in the mood of trying new products. Then, my choice when to one of the emerging local personal care brand – CAHAYA NATURALS.

Cahaya Naturals is an Indonesian lifestyle & wellness brand focus on natural body care essentials. “Cahaya” means “light” in Bahasa so basically these products focus on how to make us glow naturally.

Orange Tamanu Hand & Body Lotion is one of their best product with botanical extracts richness that helps you to rejuvenate dry and dull skin. It’s natural ingredients consist of orange, tamanu, tengkawang, pegagan and licorice. Completely natural with no harsh chemicals.
As we know orange’s extract has of a lot of Vitamin C that helps us fight with aging signs and also brighten up our skin. Meanwhile tamanu is an oil extracted from tamanu nut tree seeds, the tropical evergreen plants. It consistently add collagen production in your skin. Other ingredients are also good to moisture and nourish your skin. Match for all skin types.
My first impression at its texture was very rich and moisture, I felt confidently balm in all over my hands when I tried it. It smells really good, its strong orange smell will uplift your mood and refresh not only your skin but mentally as well.
Even if it’s very rich and well concentrated, it absorbed easily to my skin and not easily worn off by water. I’m amazed with their lasting smell and how my skin keep moist in quite long time. As a skin nutrition, this lotion will keep my skin hydrated through times.
This is an ultimate recommendation guys! Got it with only IDR 185K at CAHAYA NATURALS

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